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What’s the Big Deal About WordPress?


So you’re thinking of getting your very own little nook on the World Wide Web. You’ve gone through the trouble of registering your shiny new domain name, set up your filehost, and now you’re ready to rock. But… what do you do now? This is that pivotal moment in which many website owners can actually […]

At a Glance: DOM Parsing


The problem: You have some markup that needs to be modified. Maybe it needs extra attributes? Maybe it needs some added markup if certain conditions are met? Whatever the case, the problem sounds easy in principle but can actually become quite complicated depending on the task. Many new developers will fall into the trap of […]

Metaboxes: Part 2

In my previous post I had gone over the very basic process in getting a Metabox container set up within my Portfolio post editor. At the moment, the code example I gave doesn’t do anything useful. Let’s change that. But first, a note on organization: I try to make it a habit to keep everything […]